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Inspirational: Hide and Seek
eMediNexus,  07 April 2019
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One summer day a mother looked out the window of her house. There in the garden she saw her little daughter rolling around the grass in laughter. Intrigued she went outside to investigate. Approaching her daughter the mother asked, "My child, what do you find so amusing?" "I understand, I understand," replied the child among bursts of giggles. "What do you mean?" questioned the mother."Well," answered the child, "I was playing outside on the grass when I started thinking about God, and how I have heard people say that God is everywhere. But I looked around and couldnt see God anywhere. So I thought: of course! God must be playing a game of hide and seek. So I decided to try find God. I looked amongst the roses for I have heard that God is beautiful. But God was not there. I lay on my back and searched the skies for I have heard that God is up in the Heavens. But God was not there. I dug in the ground for I have heard that God supports us all. But God was not there. And I became very frustrated and I called out: Where are you God? Why have you left me? And then, all of a sudden, a sense of peace came over me and I realized the Truth!" Spellbound, the mother gently inquired, "What truth?" "That," giggled the little child, "It was not God who was hiding, it was me".

So much of our lives we stumble around lost trying to seek God, never realizing we are already Found. All we merely need to do is to stop hiding from God and to embrace Him fully.

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