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eWellness: Do Not Ignore Breakfast

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A good breakfast consisting of carbohydrates and lean protein can help reduce cravings and hunger during the rest of the day, which can lead to significant weight loss.

A research by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a clinical professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and an endocrinologist at the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela has shown that sedentary, obese women lost nearly five times as much weight on the "big breakfast" diet as did women following a traditional, restrictive low-carbohydrate diet. While treating obese people, we should treat carb cravings and hunger.

As we wake up in the morning, the body is primed to look for food. The metabolism is revived up, and cortisol and adrenaline are at their highest levels. The brain needs energy instantly, and if one doesn’t eat or eats too little, the brain looks for another fuel source. In this quest, it activates an emergency system that pulls energy from muscle, leading to the destruction of muscle tissue in the process. As we eat later, the body and brain are still in high-alert mode, and the body saves energy from the food as fat.

The levels of serotonin are highest in the morning and the craving levels are at the lowest; therefore, you may not feel like eating. As the day progresses, serotonin levels dip, and the cravings for chocolate or cookies, and such similar foods begin. If you eat these foods, the serotonin levels rise, and the body begins to associate good feelings with them, creating an addictive cycle.

The high protein, carbohydrate mix in breakfast provides the body with the initial energy boost it needs in the morning. Through the rest of the day, the meals are made up of protein and complex carbohydrates, like vegetables. Since protein is digested slowly, we won’t feel hungry.

If you feel like eating chocolate or candy, eat them in the morning because if you eat them when serotonin levels are high, they won’t taste as good, and the brain won’t feel the same serotonin boost. This will eventually help cut down on cravings.

Eating a breakfast with high glycemic foods may be detrimental. After eating cereal or a doughnut, the blood sugar and insulin levels rise. Once that blood sugar is used up, you’ll still have excess insulin circulating, which makes you hungry and makes you crave carbohydrates.

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