Skin Conditions Persistence beyond 60 days in some cases, particularly with pernio/chilblains |
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Skin Conditions Persistence beyond 60 days in some cases, particularly with pernio/chilblains

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  1. Benign, potentially painful skin conditions maypersist for months among certain patients withCOVID-19. Nearly 5% of patients with pernio,or chilblains, appeared to have long-hauler toe symptoms continuing for 60 days or longer. In two cases, the toe symptoms lasted for 4 to 5 months.
  2. The findings have been obtained from theinternational COVID-19 Dermatology Registry,hosted by the American Academy of Dermatology. The registry has accumulated data on over 1,000patients from 41 countries. About 30% of the casescollected till date have laboratory confirmation ofCOVID-19. Investigators recently reported findingsfor the first 716 patients in the registry.
  3. Median duration for all symptoms was 12 days,while it was 7 days for the subset with laboratory-confirmed disease.
  4. The median duration ranged from 5 days forurticaria to 20 for papulosquamous eruptions andretiform purpura.
  5. The pernio subgroup was found to have the most outliers or long haulers; 5 of the 98 hadtoe symptoms that persisted for 60 days or morecompared with one each in the subgroups withvesicular and papulosquamous eruptions.
  6. Patients withmorbilliform rash had a median duration of 7 days; 2 out of 29 patients hadsymptoms lasting for nearly 30 days. Urticariacontinued for 5 days, and in one patient, thesymptom persisted for 30 days. Laboratory confirmation was tied to shorter symptom duration,except for papulosquamous eruptions, which had amedian duration of 20 days.
  7. Urticarial and morbilliform eruptions were reportedto be relatively short in duration, while pernio/chilblains and papulosquamous eruptions lastedlonger.

Source: Medpage Today

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