Hypertension in CKD: Where to Set a Target?


Dr Dilip A Kirpalani, Mumbai    13 January 2018

  1. Devices currently available for recording AOBP are too expensive and doctors don’t have the time and patience to do it.
  2. SPRINT findings are not applicable to CKD in toto.
  3. SPRINT AOBP method is very good, but time and effort consuming.
  4. AOBP of 120/70 is probably equivalent to 135/80 conventional clinic BP.
  5. AOBP is strongly recommended because it has concordance with daytime average ABPM.
  6. Gold standard of BP measurement is ABPM and should be more relied upon in our practice to reach target.
  7. If tight control is targeted, use AOBP method in office and get ready to monitor more frequently for undesirable effects.
  8. Until then KDIGO are the best guidelines to follow (<130/80 for all CKD-ND, except if albuminuria <30 mg/24 hours <140/90).

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