Drones to deliver medicines and vaccines in remote and cut-off regions of Himachal-Pradesh


eMediNexus    08 August 2022

The Himachal Pradesh government aims to ensure that drones deliver drugs and vaccines to isolated and rural areas. Through a network of hub-spoke models, drones will be utilized for sample collection and blood deliveries. Meanwhile the state health agency plans to put its drone policy into effect by the end of this month.

Drones could assist in delivering medications and vaccines in remote locations where it would take medical personnel days to make a foot delivery due to challenging geographic conditions. Himachal Pradesh has previously announced its drone strategy, encouraging drones to improve service delivery mechanisms and streamline government, particularly in remote, far-off areas.

Sources claim that the department has begun creating a plan of difficult-to-reach locations where drugs would be supplied using drone technology. The agency is determining which products may be delivered using drone technology and what samples can be transported for evaluation by drone. Drones will also be employed for job monitoring and inspection under the drone policy 2022.

The director general of the National Health Mission in Himachal Pradesh, Hem Raj Bairwa, stated that the information technology department has already signed an agreement with some drone companies. Areas like Janjheli and Chohar Valley in the Mandi district, Dodra Kawar in the Shimla district, and Tissa, Pangi, and Bharmaur in the Chamba district will soon be able to use the drone service. (Times of India, Aug 8, 2022)

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