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Dr Veena Aggarwal, Consultant Women Health, CMD and Editor-in-Chief, IJCP Group & Medtalks Trustee, Dr KK's Heart Care Foundation of India    13 August 2022

With inputs from Dr Monica Vasudev

CDC updates its Covid-19 isolation guidelines

The CDC recommends wearing a high-quality mask for 10 days upon exposure to Covid-19 and to get tested on day 5 rather than quarantining. In its updated guidance, the CDC advises isolation if sick and suspect Covid-19, even though not lab-confirmed. Upon testing positive, the person should isolate for a minimum period of 5 days and avoid contact with persons at high risk until day 11. If the symptoms worsen after the isolation is complete, CDC says to begin isolation again from Day 0. It continues to advocate completing the vaccination schedule… (Source: CDC, Aug. 11, 2022).

FDA guidelines for Covid-19 home testing

In a safety communication, the FDA says that those who test negative with the home Covid-19 antigen test should repeat the test regardless of the presence of symptoms to avoid a false negative result. Repeat the test after 48 hours if symptoms are present; do such two tests. If no symptoms, but Covid-19 is suspected, repeat the test after 48 hours of the first negative test and again 48 hours after the second negative test for three tests…(Source: US FDA, Aug. 11, 2022).


Covid-19 vaccine safe for pregnant women, says study 

It is safe for pregnant women to take the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine, says a Canadian study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases conducted by the Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network. The likelihood of experiencing a significant health event requiring consultation with a doctor, miss work, was lower in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant vaccinated women of the same age group within one week of receiving the first dose; 4.0% vs 6.3%, respectively. After the second dose, this rate was 7.3% vs 11.3%, respectively. Feeling unwell or malaise or myalgia, headache/migraine and respiratory tract infection were the most commonly occurring significant health events…(Source: The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Aug. 11, 2022)


Prolonged recovery in children with MIS-C

A study of patients from 25 children’s hospitals has found that 27% of children and adolescents who had had Covid-19 in the early phase of the pandemic continued to have some symptoms 2 to 4 months after being hospitalized with COVID-19. And, 30% of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) also had persistent symptoms. Fatigue/weakness was the most common symptom followed by difficulty in breathing, cough, headache, myalgia, body ache and fever. Children with MIS-C experienced more activity impairment post-illness compared to those with acute Covid-19 (21.3% vs 14.3%, respectively)…(Source: Pediatrics, Aug. 12, 2022).

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