What are the principles of natural justice?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    14 March 2018

The two essential elements of Natural Justice are

  1. No man shall be Judge in his own cause (the judge should not have any interest or bias in any party)
  • The Court / Tribunal must act honestly and impartially and not under the dictation of other persons to whom authority is not given by Law

    2.  Audi alteram partem (Both sides shall be heard)

  •         That no one should be condemned unheard.
  •         Party to an action is prima facie entitled to be heard in his presence.
  •         He is entitled to dispute his opponent’s case, cross examine his opponent’s witnesses and entitled to call his own witnesses and give his own evidence before Court.
  •          He is entitled to know the reasons for the decision rendered by a Court / Tribunal.

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