Can a PCI be done after taking consent only for angiography?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    28 April 2018

A percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) cannot be done after taking consent only for angiography, unless it is a life-saving procedure. In a case decided by Supreme Court of India, SCI, Civil Appeal No. 1949 of 2004, 16.01.2008, Samira Kohli vs Dr. Prabha Manchanda and Anr, B.N. Agrawal, P.P. Naolekar and R.V. Raveendran, JJ, the following was observed: “Further a consent for hysterectomy, is not a consent for bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.”

  1. It is customary, except in emergency or extraordinary circumstances, that no substantial procedures are performed upon a patient unless and until he or she has had an opportunity to discuss them with the physician or other health professional to the patient’s satisfaction.
  2. Each patient has right to consent, or to refuse consent, to any proposed procedure of therapeutic course.”

One must anticipate a complication or need for a procedure and take advanced consent or take it on the table before proceeding further.

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