Have you violated the MCI Act Clause 6.8.1?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    22 May 2018

  1. Did you take any gift from any pharmaceutical or allied healthcare industry and their sales people or representatives?
  2. Did you accept any travel facility inside the country or outside, including rail, air, ship, cruise tickets, paid vacations, etc. from any pharmaceutical or allied healthcare industry or their representatives for self and family members for vacation or for attending conferences, seminars, workshops, CME programme, etc. as a delegate/chairperson/faculty/speaker?
  3. If yes, what was the fee charged?
  4. If not, what was the reason to accept the invitation?
  5. Did you accept individually any hospitality like hotel accommodation for self and family members under any pretext?
  6. Did you receive any cash or monetary grants from any pharmaceutical and allied healthcare industry for individual purpose in individual capacity under any pretext?
  7. Did you receive any funding for medical research, study, etc.
  8. If yes, through which institutions?
  9. Was the ethics committee involved?
  10. Are you affiliated with any pharmaceutical and allied healthcare industries in advisory capacities, as consultants, as researchers, as treating doctors or in any other professional capacity?
  11. Is this association disclosed in your IT return?
  12. Have you endorsed any drug or product of the industry publically?
  13. Did you violate IMS Act?
  1. Were you involved in promoting any food for children up to 2 years?
  2. Did you indulge in promotion of infant foods before the age of 6 months?
  3. Did you display notice in a hospital, nursing home, chemist shop, etc. for promoting these products?
  4. Did you receive any payments/gifts from such companies?
  5. Did you receive funds from such companies for organizing seminars, meeting, conferences, contest, fee of educational course, sponsoring for projects, research work or tours?

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