Can license to practice be revoked pending inquiry by the criminal court?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    12 June 2018

Yes. In its order, MCI-211(2)/2011-Ethics/ 10th May, 2011, Complaint against Dr. RV, F No 396/2009, the MCI stated “The Ethics Committee considered the complaint against RV and after hearing both the parties and perusing the records and FIR, it is noted that RV has been accused of serious allegations of violating the faith, reposed in a doctor by hapless patient. He has been misusing his profession for indulging various acts and omission which is unbecoming of a medical practitioner. Having regards to seriousness and nature of allegations, the Ethics Committee recommends that license of RV be suspended during the pendency of the criminal case against him.”

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