Is it necessary for both the complainant and the defendant to appear before the council ethics committee?


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    14 June 2018

Yes: MCI Order: Appeal against order dated 18.11.2011 passed by Uttar Pradesh Medical Council filed by complainant against treating doctor (F.No.431/2011):

“The Ethics Committee considered the matter with regard to appeal filed by the complainant against order passed by Uttar Pradesh Medical Council against the treating doctor and noted that the complainant did not attend the meeting but sent his brother as his representative in the said matter without authorization letter. The Ethics Committee decided that if the brother is appearing in the next meeting as a representative of the complainant, he is permitted to do so provided he submits Power of Attorney/letter of authority issued by the complainant. The Committee noted the absence of Dr. AG who was called for hearing, and directed the Council office to inform both the parties to attend next hearing on 22nd September, 2012, failing which the matter will be decided ex parte.”

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