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eSpiritual: Values, Morals and Ethics

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• Values are our fundamental beliefs. They are the principles we use to define that which is right, good and just.

• Values provide guidance to determine the right versus the wrong and the good versus the bad.

• They are our standards.

• When we evaluate anything we compare it to a standard.

• Typical values include honesty, integrity, compassion, courage, honor, responsibility, patriotism, respect and fairness.

• Ethics are universal.Morals

• Morals are values which we attribute to a system of beliefs, typically a religious system, but it could be a political system of some other set of beliefs.

• These values get their authority from outside the individual– a higher being or higher authority (e.g. society).

• Right as defined by a higher authority.

• By that definition one could categorize the values listed above (honesty, integrity, compassion …) as "moral values" – values derived from a higher authority.Ethics

• Ethics is about our actions and decisions

.• When one acts in ways that are consistent with our beliefs (whether secular or derived from a moral authority) we characterize that as acting ethically.

• When one’s actions are not congruent with our values – our sense of right, good and just – we view that as acting unethically.

• The ethics of our decisions and actions is defined socially, not individually.(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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