Health department cancels license of a pathology laboratory for issuing false dengue report


TNN    13 November 2019

On Tuesday, health department in Lucknow cancelled the registration of a private pathology in Keshavnagar for issuing false dengue positive reports.

The action came after a health department team conducted a sudden inspection and discovered that the reports given by the pathology mentioned that dengue test was done through ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) but no equipment used for the test was available in the lab. The staff was also unaware of how to use ELISA method for testing samples.

The four-member team headed by pathologist Dr Rajesh conducted inspection at around 5 pm after finding inconsistencies in dengue positive reports issued by the pathology. Dr KP Tripathi, in charge of vector-borne disease control unit said that the variances in the reports were detected during an audit of patients who died due to dengue in the city. The pathology had also issued dengue positive report to a 34-year-old woman who recently died due to high fever.

Chief medical officer Narendra Agarwal said that an FIR will be lodged against the pathology for threatening public health, as the centermight have issued false reports to other patients as well. If a report is incorrect, it can lead to wrong treatment and death of a patient.

Source: ET Healthworld

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