Molecule Updates

ADD DAPA trial: a study in patients with refractory heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
eMediNexus, 30 April 2022
Most HFrEF patients respond and show appropriate recovery when provided with correct medical treatment however some patients do not respond to the treatment or experience persistent and ...MORE
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of LOLA in hepatic encephalopathy
eMediNexus, 21 April 2022
L-ornithine l-aspartate LOLA has been widely used as a treatment of hepatic encephalopathy due to its ammonia-lowering action It is a mixture of two endogenous amino acids l-ornithine ...MORE
Diaper dermatitis: its severity and behavior effects of caregivers’ habits on diagnosed infants.
eMediNexus, 19 April 2022
Diaper dermatitis is an inflammatory response of immature skin in newborns and infants It is caused by irritation of the skin from multiple factors such as increased moisture exposure to ...MORE
Black versus White Patients: Effect of Dapagliflozin on Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction in Different Races
eMediNexus, 14 April 2022
Black vs White this variation in race ethnicity including etiology and response to treatment has led to suspicion that black patients may respond to dapagliflozin DAPA differently tha ...MORE
Fluid-induced harm in the hospital: look beyond volume and start considering sodium. From physiology towards recommendations
eMediNexus, 14 April 2022
#Hospital Medicine #Internal Medicine #Pediatrics
Iatrogenic fluid overload comes as a potential side effect of intravenous fluid therapy in the hospital and sodium administration is not always evaluated as a separate cause of harm A rec ...MORE
Povidone iodine gargles inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in patients with COVID-19
eMediNexus, 13 April 2022
#General Surgery
Povidone iodine PVP-I gargles inhibited the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV-2 and effectively limited its infectivity in saliva for an hour in COVID-19 patien ...MORE