Medico Legal Corner

What is res ipsa loquitur?
eMediNexus, 02 September 2021
Res ipsa loquitur translates as ldquo the thing speaks for itself rdquo In a case where negligence is evident the principle of res ipsa loquitur applies and the complainant does not have to prove anything as the t ...MORE
What precautions can the doctors take to avoid negligence?
eMediNexus, 01 September 2021
Every doctor should carefully read the Code of Medical Ethics which is part of the Indian Medical Council Professional Conduct Etiquette and Ethics Regulations 2002 issued by the ...MORE
Are experts required in every case of negligence?
eMediNexus, 31 August 2021
There may be simple cases of medical negligence where expert evidence is not needed In a judgment dated 8th March 2010 in Civil Appeal No 2641 2010 titled ldquo V Kishan Rao Vs Nikh ...MORE
Can an "error of judgment" be termed medical negligence?
eMediNexus, 30 August 2021
In one of the cases the Apex Court of India has observed ldquo An error of judgment on the part of a professional is not negligence per se rdquo nbsp ReferenceJacob Mathew v State of Punjab SC ...MORE
Was there a contributory or comparative negligence?
eMediNexus, 29 August 2021
There are many judgments clarifying the said subject There are times when the unexpected results may not be due to negligence of the doctor but due ...MORE
When is negligence termed criminal negligence?
eMediNexus, 28 August 2021
ldquo To prosecute a medical professional for negligence under criminal law it must be shown that the accused did something or failed to do something which in the given facts and cir ...MORE