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Zero-tolerance approach towards any fraud related to medical treatment claims: Govt
Press Trust of India, 06 August 2022
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made comprehensive fraud analytics proactive The development of algorithms that can be used on large volumes of data to identify suspect ...MORE
Gujarat: Medical professionals advised to Compensate for Immobility after C-Section
TNN, 06 August 2022
The Gujarat State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission ordered two doctors to pay Rs 8 48 lakh compensation to a woman who became immobile due to back pain after a C-section delivery Th ...MORE
CNS Update: Effect of pregabalin versus midazolam premedication on the anesthetic and analgesic requirements in pediatric day-case surgery: A randomized controlled trial
eMediNexus, 05 August 2022
A recent study compared pregabalin and midazolam premedication in pediatric day-case surgery concerning anesthetic and analgesic requirements It include ...MORE
4TH or 5TH Wave? A Silent Surge of Covid across India
Surabhi Pandey, 05 August 2022
India has been witnessing a steady rise in daily COVID-19 cases that may stop the recovery momentum and resurgence in economic activity Multiple reports have shown an increasing pattern i ...MORE
Final Year Medical Students from Ukraine are Allowed to Appear for FMG Exam
Jayanth R., 05 August 2022
As per the Supreme Courts directive the National Medical Commission NMC has permitted Indian students who returned to India from Ukraine and China to appear in the Foreign Medical Gradu ...MORE
ESI health centers have only 38% doctors
eMediNexus, 05 August 2022
#Business And Medicine #Family Medicine #Hospital Medicine
Employee Situation Insurance ESI health centers which serve workers in the public and private sectors are in a pitiful state due to a severe lack of medical professionals particularly ...MORE