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The effect of baby wipes on irritant diaper dermatitis in infants
eMediNexus, 24 April 2021
Baby wipes are found to be safe and effective in maintaining skin integrity when compared to the use of water alone nbsp The purpose of a new study pub ...MORE
Diosmin for the treatment of atopic dermatitis
eMediNexus, 22 April 2021
Atopic dermatitis AD leading to the dysfunction or lack of skin barrier proteins is a well known inflammatory chronic skin disease The pharmacological up regulation of skin barrier pro ...MORE
Effect of oral rehydration solution versus spring water intake during exercise in the heat, on muscle cramp susceptibility of young men
eMediNexus, 21 April 2021
#Hospital Medicine #Internal Medicine #Pediatrics
Exercise-associated muscle cramp EAMC is painful involuntary muscle contraction that occurs during or following exercise dehydration and electrolytes deficits are associated factors ...MORE
The Effects of Once-Daily Tretinoin 0.05% Lotion on Quality of Life in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Acne Vulgaris
eMediNexus, 17 April 2021
In a phase III clinical trials of patients with moderate-to-severe acne tretinoin 0 05 lotion abridged inflammatory and noninflammatory lesions comparative to vehicle lotion with low po ...MORE
Prescription audit of treatment of diarrhea and pneumonia amongst pediatrician in Bhopal
eMediNexus, 10 April 2021
#Hospital Medicine #Internal Medicine #Pediatrics
A recent article published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine aimed to observe the current prescription practices for the management of diarrhea and pneumonia in Bhopal ...MORE
Topical oronasal povidone-iodine: A low-cost prophylaxis measure to reduce transmission through upper aerodigestive tract procedures
eMediNexus, 09 April 2021
#General Surgery
Routine procedures involving the upper aerodigestive tract may be associated with a risk of inadvertent transmission of the virus from asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 infection to heal ...MORE