Automated left ventricles fraction and volume measurements in 3-dimensional echocardiography.


eMediNexus    09 November 2017

The purpose of a new study published in Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski was to establish the clinical usefulness of automated 3 dimensional echocardiography TTE 3D software to calculate left ventricle ejection fraction LVEF left ventricle end diastolic volume LVEDV and left ventricle end systolic volume LVESV and to compare those measurements calculated in cardiac magnetic resonance CMR and in 3D TTE. The results of this study revealed that the mean LVEF in 3D TTE was 65 12 LVEDV 123 ml 67 ml and LVESV was 42 ml 29 ml. The CMR LVEF in the study group was 61 9 LVEDV was 134 ml 51ml while LVESV was 54 ml 33 ml. Meanwhile Wilcoxon rank test showed no difference between medians of the measurements the correlation coefficient between LVEF in 3D TTE and CMR was R 0.84. Hence it was concluded that LVEF calculated in 3D TTE shows good correlation with LVEF computed in CMR. However good visualization of the endocardium especially in the apex is essential. It was stated that the volume of left ventricle is underestimated in 3D TTE.

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