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Mera Bharat Mahan 3: A person has pure consciousness state at birth and at death
Dr KK Aggarwal, 19 August 2019
A person has pure consciousness state at birth and at death Even the law says that children and a dying person do not speak a lie and that is because their state of mind is pure consciousness Also those who b ...MORE
Mera Bharat Mahan 2: Hypoglycemia, starvation and Chandogya Upanishad
Dr KK Aggarwal, 18 August 2019
As per Chandogya Upanishad liquid in the food makes urine blood and Prana solid food makes stool muscles and manas fatty foods make bone bone marrow and karmendriyas elimination pr ...MORE
Mera Bharat Mahan 1: May you live for 100 years...
Dr KK Aggarwal, 17 August 2019
The description of 100-year life comes from Vedic medicine 2325 2369 2352 2381 2357 2344 2381 2344 2375 2357 2375 2361 2325 2352 2381 2350 2366 2339 2367 nbsp 2332 ...MORE
Use the metro to check air pollution and improve your health
Dr KK Aggarwal, 16 August 2019
As part of the Delhi Metro rsquo s 25 year anniversary celebrations the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation DMRC has roped in celebrities social activists and healthcare experts in an effort ...MORE
We need azadi from violence against doctors on this Independence Day
Dr KK Aggarwal, 15 August 2019
Inclusion of the medical profession under the ambit of the Consumer Protection Act CPA has radically altered the dynamics of the doctor-patient relationship Doctors are no longer regard ...MORE
A Vedic interpretation of floods
Dr KK Aggarwal, 14 August 2019
According to the 100th monkey phenomenon 1 of the collective consciousness of people decides what 99 will do It only takes 1 of the society which is the critical mass required for anything to materialize or happ ...MORE