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Necrotizing Infections Rise With Warming Oceans, Study Shows
eMediNexus, 18 June 2019
#Emergency Medicine #Infectious Diseases #Internal Medicine
As ocean temperatures increase serious Vibrio vulnificus infections are on the rise in previously nonendemic areas according to a case series published online in Annals of I ...MORE
Researchers Find Way to Convert Type A Blood to Type O
eMediNexus, 18 June 2019
#Hematology #Hospital Medicine #Internal Medicine #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Pharmacist
Researchers have found a way to use a pair of enzymes from a human gut bacterium to convert type A to the universal donor type O blood according to a report published in Nature Microb ...MORE
Father's Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Kids
eMediNexus, 17 June 2019
#Obstetrics and Gynecology #Pediatrics
Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke from their fathers while theyre in the womb may be more likely than those who are not to develop asthma by age 6 according to a study of chemical ...MORE
Incivility in ORs Linked to Diminished Clinical Performance
eMediNexus, 17 June 2019
#Anesthesiology #General Surgery #Hospital Medicine
Research on anesthesiology residents exposed to incivility in a simulated operating room environment indicates that rudeness in the OR has a negative impact on clinician performance ...MORE
Gabapentinoids Tied to Suicidal Behavior and Unintentional Overdose
eMediNexus, 16 June 2019
#Internal Medicine #Neurology #Psychiatry
Gabapentinoid prescriptions were associated with an increased risk of suicidal behavior and unintentional overdose a population cohort study in Sweden showed ...MORE
Novel Sickle Cell Drug Improves Hemoglobin Characteristics
eMediNexus, 15 June 2019
#Hematology #Hospital Medicine #Pharmacist
For sickle cell disease novel oral agent voxelotor improved hemoglobin characteristics in the phase III HOPE trial Levels of normal hemoglobin levels r ...MORE