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Journal Updates

Association between persistent antisocial behavior and brain structure
eMediNexus, 20 February 2020
#Neurology #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Psychiatry
Individuals who exhibit antisocial behavior over a lifetime have been shown to have a thinner cortex and smaller surface area in key brain regions when compared with their counterparts who ...MORE
Exposure to Cleaning Products May Harm Infants' Lungs
eMediNexus, 20 February 2020
#Allergy and Immunology #Pediatrics #Pharmacist #Public Health #Pulmonary Medicine
Early exposure to household cleaning products could have adverse effects on young children suggests a Canadian birth cohort study Infants who were more ...MORE
GI Events Common with Colchicine Treatment
eMediNexus, 19 February 2020
#Internal Medicine #Orthopedics #Pharmacist #Rheumatology
A meta-analysis published online in Arthritis Research amp Therapy has revealed that the most common adverse events AEs associated with colchicine treatment include diarrhea and other gastrointestinal GI ...MORE
Screen for Cervical Cancer Every 3 Years
eMediNexus, 19 February 2020
#Obstetrics and Gynecology #Oncology #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Radiology
A unique study from New Mexico suggests that screening every 3 years can potentially reduce the rate of cervical cancer The study revealed that 3 years represents a safe interval and that more frequent screening does ...MORE
No Prenatal Vitamin D Protection for Asthma by Age 6, Suggests Follow-up Study
eMediNexus, 18 February 2020
#Allergy and Immunology #Pediatrics #Pharmacist #Pulmonary Medicine
Prenatal supplementation with high-dose vitamin D was noted to have no impact on asthma and persistent wheezing in 6-year-olds in follow-up of a study that suggested protection at age 3 ...MORE
Mediterranean diet improves microbiome
eMediNexus, 18 February 2020
#Diabetes and Endocrinology #Gastroenterology
A new study published in the BMJ journal Gut suggested that eating Mediterranean diet for just one year altered the microbiome of elderly people in ways that improved brain functi ...MORE