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Estrogen Patch a Boon for Schizophrenia in Women?
eMediNexus, 18 August 2019
#Neurology #Obstetrics and Gynecology #Psychiatry
Adjunctive estrogen patches significantly improve positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia in premenopausal women suggests new research The study a randomized controlled trial r ...MORE
Type 1 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed in Adults and Children
eMediNexus, 18 August 2019
#Diabetes and Endocrinology #Internal Medicine #Pediatrics
Type 1 diabetes is frequently misdiagnosed in both children and adults and misdiagnosis increases the risk for diabetic ketoacidosis DKA in children new research suggests ...MORE
Long-Term Infection Risk in Kids with Leukemia
eMediNexus, 17 August 2019
#Oncology #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Pediatrics #Pharmacist
Survivors of childhood leukemia had an increased risk of infection and infection-related hospitalization and death that persisted for years after completing treatment a large retrospectiv ...MORE
Liver Disease Related to Obesity and Diabetes Rising in U.S.
eMediNexus, 17 August 2019
#Diabetes and Endocrinology #Gastroenterology #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Pharmacist
The only liver disease becoming more widespread in the U S is one driven by obesity and diabetes even as other types of liver disorders linked to drinking or hepatitis are becoming less ...MORE
Air Pollution Can Damage Even Healthy Lungs
eMediNexus, 16 August 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Business And Medicine #Emergency Medicine #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Public Health
The more exposure people have to air pollution especially ozone the more lung damage they develop over time a U S study suggests The new study shows ...MORE
Good Sleep Plus Limits on Screen Time Help with Impulse Control
eMediNexus, 16 August 2019
#Business And Medicine #Pharmacist #Psychiatry #Public Health
Adequate sleep paired with limits on screen time helps reduce impulsivity in children a study suggests The authors studied the effect of adequate sleep ...MORE