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Interesting Cases

Atopic Dermatitis in an Adult: A Case Report
Dr DA Satish, Dr VK Radhika, 05 December 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
A 44-year-old male presented with atopic dermatitis AD with onset from the age of 10 years The dermatitis was severe generalized and persistent from childhood to adulthood The pat ...MORE
Five-year Follow-up of a Case of Recurrent Desmoplastic Fibroma of the Forearm in a 13-year-old Boy
JS Arora, 29 November 2019
AbstractDesmoplastic fibromas are fibrous tissue tumors and can be called the bony analogs of the abdominal desmoid They have been ...MORE
Stasis Dermatitis Complicated by Allergic Contact Dermatitis: A Case Report
Dr Rajyalaxmi Konathan, Dr AS Kumar, 28 November 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
Stasis dermatitis is a common component of the clinical spectrum of chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities It may arise as an early sign of chronic venous insufficiency ...MORE
Avulsion Fracture of Tibial Spine in a 15-year old Boy
Dr Madhu Kant, 22 November 2019
AbstractAvulsion fractures of the tibial eminence have been well-described in children and adults with an increased incidence resul ...MORE
Juvenile Plantar Dermatosis: A Case Report
Dr Hari Kishan Kumar Y, 21 November 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
Juvenile plantar dermatosis JPD also known as ldquo wet and dry foot syndrome rdquo is a skin disorder of the feet that commonly affects children from ages 3 to 14 JPD is freque ...MORE
Silodosin-induced Erythroderma in a 78-year-old Male: A Case Report
Dr DA Satish, Dr VK Radhika, 14 November 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
A 78-year-old male presented with a case of erythroderma secondary to silodosin an alpha 1-adrenoceptor antagonist prescribed for benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH The patient did ...MORE