Interesting Cases

Interesting Cases

Chromosome 3p Duplication: A Rare Chromosomal Anomaly
Braja Kishore Behera, Rishav Raj, Sailabala Shaw, Mitali Mahapatra, 23 May 2018
ABSTRACT: Partial trisomy 3p results from either unbalanced translocation or de novo duplication. Common clinical features consist of dysmorphic facial features, congenital heart defects, psychomotor and mental retardati ...MORE
Prolapsed huge cervical fibroid with acute red degeneration
Dr. Neerja Varshney, Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Vandana Jain, 18 May 2018
#Obstetrics and Gynecology
Abstract: Acute red degeneration in a large prolapsed cervical haemorrhage can mimick uterine inversion and presents as emergency where an emergency hysterectomy can be life saving. ...MORE
Intralesional sclerotherapy cure unusual presentation of hem
Dr. Bimal Kumar Mandal, 16 May 2018
Abstract: Hemangioma of retropharyngeal space is a rare entity. It usually regresses spontaneously within 9 years of age. History, digital palpation, computed tomography (CT), and fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) ...MORE
Hemoperitoneum Complicating Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
Shivang Sharma, Mn Mehta, HK Acharya, AC Tanna, Jemima Bhaskar, 12 May 2018
#Gastroenterology #Obstetrics and Gynecology
ABSTRACT: Acute fatty liver of pregnancy (AFLP) is a rare complication of full-term pregnancy and presents with jaundice and hepatic encephalopathy in the third trimester. Maternal and fetal mortality is increased and di ...MORE
An unusual association of aplasia cutis congenita with twin
Dr. Rimzim Gupta, Dr Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Dr Munish Kakkar, 08 May 2018
#Obstetrics and Gynecology #Pediatrics
Abstract: We report an unusual case of Aplasia Cutis Congenita associated with twin pregnancy and maternal varicella in first trimester; occurring over the extremity of one of the twin while other twin was perfectly norm ...MORE
Multiple developmental urogenital anomalies - A therapeutic
Prof. N. Rajamaheswari, Dr. Sugandha Agarwal, Dr. Archana Bharti Chhikara, Dr. K. Seethalakshmi, 03 May 2018
#Obstetrics and Gynecology
Abstract: In cases of atretic lower vagina drainage of hematocolpos per se is inadequate as recurrent hematocolpos from restenosis is common. Surgical reconstruction in these cases should be directed to relieve obstructi ...MORE