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Interesting Cases

Tumoral Calcinosis of Hand: A Rare Location with Unusual Presentation
B Jagannath Kamath, Deepak Pinto, Chetna Sharma Praveen Bhardwaj, Venkatdass, 16 January 2020
AbstractSurgical excision is the mainstay of treatment It should be undertaken early as it is difficult to remove a larger lesion and ...MORE
Arthrodesis for Osteoarthritis of the Manubriosternal Joint
Prashant Patare, Bibek K Rai, Arun K Gupta , 11 January 2020
AbstractOsteoarthritis of the manubriosternal joint is a rare cause of chest pain The diagnosis is difficult and other serious causes of chest pain have to be ruled out first We report one c ...MORE
Multiple, Lichenified, Itchy Plaques on Face
Dr Rashmi Sarkar, Dr Vivek Nair, Dr Vijay Kumar Garg, 07 January 2020
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
Case HistoryA 65-year-old man presented with a 6-year history of itchy oozy and scaly lesions associated with thickening and darkening ...MORE
Bilateral Knee Septic Arthritis with Streptococcus G: A Rare Case Presentation
Neilesh C Talwalkar, David Pemberton, 04 January 2020
AbstractA rare case of bilateral septic arthritis of knees with streptococcus G with rapid joint destruction is reported Case descript ...MORE
Isolated Comminuted Fracture of the Scapula
Amit Agrawal, 28 December 2019
AbstractFractures of the scapula are relatively rare and constitute 3-5 of all shoulder girdle injuries and 1 of all fractures Isola ...MORE
Contact Dermatitis Due to Minoxidil
Dr JS Pasricha, Dr Arti Nanda, Dr Neeraj Bajaj, 26 December 2019
#Allergy and Immunology #Dermatology
A 25-year-old girl having androgenetic alopecia developed itching and erythema on the scalp one month after she started applying a commercial preparation containing 2 minoxidil The d ...MORE