Interesting Cases

Interesting Cases

Case of a Young Hypertensive with Recurrent Cerebrovascular
Dr SM Rajendran, Dr S Palaniandavar, Dr Jamima Bhaskar, Dr J Senthilnathan, Dr Arun R, Dr Jose Mathew, 16 March 2018
Abstract: A young individual presented as hypertensive emergency due to a rare cause, a tumor arising from autonomic nervous system. Screening test done in this patient revealed a case of extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma, ...MORE
Severe anemia and hypothyroidsm - case report
Dr Suprabha Shukla, Dr Dillip kumar Das, Dr Jnanindra Nath Behera, 14 March 2018
Abstract Thyroid hormone plays an important role in different metabolism in the body. Hematopoietic system is the primary one among the affected systems and anemia is the most important one. Anemia in hypothyroidism is u ...MORE
Condyloma acuminata with maggots- a case report
Dr Samarendra Mahapatro, Dr Subhranshu Sekhar Kar, Dr Rajani Dube, Dr Sitanshu Sekhar Kar, 09 March 2018
Abstract - Condyloma acuminata are the epidermal manifestation of Human papilloma virus (HPV). The genital warts may be found throughout perineum around the anus,vagina and urethra,as well as the cervical,intravaginal an ...MORE
Interesting Case of Single Ventricle
Bharath Raj Kidambi, Kalpana Ramanathan, Babu Peter S, Sabaratnavel R, Srinivasagalu K, 06 March 2018
ABSTRACT: Single ventricle or double inlet left ventricle (DILV) is an uncommon congenital heart disease with very dismal prognosis if left un-operated. Very rarely few cases survive till adulthood, if they have a favor ...MORE
Neonatal Bartter syndrome
Dr Meetu Rawat Gupta, Dr Subandhu Gupta, Dr Anand S.Vasudev, Dr R N Srivastava, 05 March 2018
ABSTRACT: Bartter syndrome is characterized by hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis, increased urinary excretion of sodium, potassium and chloride and normal blood pressure. A rare subset of the disorder occurs in the newbo ...MORE
Steven-Johnson syndrome: A case report
Dr. Rajib Kumar Ray, Dr. Rishav Raj, 28 February 2018
INTRODUCTION: Steven-johnson Syndrome is rare drug induced reaction which is life threatening. It is important to recognize Steven-johnson syndrome and TEN and manage them properly at earliest. As a matter of fact, the i ...MORE