Medico Legal Corner

Ensure highest quality in patient care in your professional practice
eMediNexus, 28 January 2022

Regulation 1 6 of MCI Code of Ethics Regulations 2002 has emphasized on the highest quality assurance in patient care It states as follows ldquo Every physician should aid in safeguard ...MORE
Consent form ought to be signed by both doctor and patient
eMediNexus, 27 January 2022

A consent signed only by the patient and not by the doctor is invalid In S Thamil Selvi vs Mrs Dr Sooriya Kala on 7 March 2007 National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission New Delhi Original Petition No ...MORE
Never publish a case report without patient’s consent
eMediNexus, 26 January 2022

Regulation 7 17 of the MCI Code of Ethics 2002 suggests that a registered medical practitioner cannot publish photographs or case reports of his her patient ...MORE
Take consent of parents/legal guardian in case of a minor patient
eMediNexus, 25 January 2022

In case of a minor patient consent must be taken from the person with parental responsibility In case of an emergency however the person in charge of the child at that time can give co ...MORE
Never deny treatment just because the patient is poor
eMediNexus, 24 January 2022

A doctor cannot deny treatment to a patient on account of financial constraints In a case titled ldquo Mohd Ahmed Minor vs Union of India amp Ors ...MORE
Do not wait for patient's consent for emergency operations
eMediNexus, 23 January 2022

There are a few exceptions wherein emergency medical intervention is administered without informed consent Informed consent may not be required in emergency situations where a delay in t ...MORE