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Alloveda Liver Update: Vicious cycle of fatty liver and diabetes
eMediNexus, 02 November 2020
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
Type 2 diabetes T2D is typified by hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia caused by islet beta -cells which lose their ability to secrete adequate insulin in response to different levels of lon ...MORE
Alloveda Liver Update: Pathophysiological association between NAFLD and type 2 diabetes
eMediNexus, 01 November 2020
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLD is characterized by non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis Although hepatic steatosis and steatohepatitis is majorly associated with multiple diseases a ...MORE
Alloveda Liver Update: Enhancing the Nutritional Support of Adult Patients in the Setting of Cirrhosis
eMediNexus, 31 October 2020
#Gastroenterology #Hepatology #Multispeciality
Malnutrition has become progressively common in end-stage liver disease ESLD The occurrence of malnutrition has been reported in a remarkable proportion of patients with cirrhosis and r ...MORE
Two doctors nabbed for taking Rs 8 lakh bribe by Gujarat ACB
Express News Service, 31 October 2020
On Thursday the Gujarat Anti-Corruption Bureau caught two doctors who were serving as medical officers at the Sola Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad They were nabbed for accepting a bribe of R ...MORE
West Bengal government to hire 17,000 doctors to monitor COVID-19 patients in home isolation
Soumya Das, 31 October 2020
The West Bengal government has decided to hire 17 000 doctors for regular monitoring of COVID-19 patients under home isolation They started this initiative to control the sudden deteriora ...MORE
New face mask with anti-viral layer to deactivate novel coronavirus
eMediNexus, 31 October 2020
#Allergy and Immunology #Business And Medicine #Emergency Medicine #Infectious Diseases #Pathology and Lab Medicine
Washington Scientists have designed a novel face mask that has an anti-viral layer to deactivate the novel coronavirus Researchers from the Northwester ...MORE