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CNS Update: CREB1 and BDNF gene polymorphisms are associated with early treatment response to escitalopram in panic disorder
eMedinexus, 03 July 2022
Evidence indicates the roles of cAMP response element-binding protein CREB and brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF in alternating the response of escitalopram in treating Panic diso ...MORE
CNS Update: Effect of drug naïve Vs escitalopram on sexual function of depressed females: A cross-sectional comparative study
eMediNexus, 02 July 2022
A recent study evaluated rates and patterns of Sexual Dysfunction SD among drug-na iuml ve women with mild to moderate depression contrasting those receiving escitalopram ...MORE
DiabetesIndia 2022: What is the role of gliptins in diabetes management?
Dr Purvi Chawla, Mumbai, 02 July 2022
#Diabetes and Endocrinology #Multispeciality
Gliptins or DPP-IV inhibitors are highly safe and efficacious oral inexpensive antidiabetic agents They are one of the most preferred second-line agents when there is a compelling need to ...MORE
Doctor robbed off Rs. 1.16 crore and the hope of getting a medical seat for his son!
The Hindu Bureau, 02 July 2022
In a report from Bengaluru a doctor was promised that his son will get admission to MS Ramaiah Medical College at a cost of Rs 1 16 crore The gang was busted and five members of the gan ...MORE
Protests by Telangana doctor continues for pending stipends amidst National Doctor's Day celebrations
Rahul V Pisharody, 02 July 2022
Senior residents and postgraduate doctors in compulsory one-year government service further intensified their protest in Telangana over pending stipends shunning emergency services and o ...MORE
CNS Update: The Therapeutic effects & safety of BLT combined with ESC on insomnia in patients with PSD
eMediNexuS, 01 July 2022
Depression and sleep disorders are often managed with Bright light therapy BLT however its effectiveness in poststroke depression PSD remains unclear Thus a study investigated the t ...MORE