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Kenya tests woman for Ebola, as Congo, Uganda fight outbreak
eMediNexus, 19 June 2019
#Emergency Medicine #Infectious Diseases #Obstetrics and Gynecology #Pharmacist
Kenya has never experienced an Ebola outbreak and some Kenyan doctors have expressed concern about the country rsquo s preparedness to manage the deadly virus The current outbreak in east ...MORE
Convicted Physicians Receive Message of Support from World's Doctors
eMediNexus, 19 June 2019
#Emergency Medicine #Public Health #Radiology
On behalf of millions of physicians globally the World Medical Association delivered an open message of support to all Turkish doctors and in particular to those sentenced to prison for ...MORE
UN environment agency tackles climate change one bite at a time
eMediNexus, 19 June 2019
#Critical Care #Emergency Medicine #Gastroenterology #Pathology and Lab Medicine
If we all change the way we eat we can make significant progress in the fight against climate change This was the message from the UN environment agency UNEP on Sustainable Gastronomy ...MORE
HR - June 19/5: Smokers who used non-tobacco-flavored products were more likely to switch from cigarettes than those who used tobacco-flavored products
Dr KK Aggarwal, 19 June 2019
Dr KK AggarwalResults a study show that adult smokers who primarily used non-tobacco-flavored JUUL products were more likely to have successfully switch ...MORE
FDA approves new treatment for pediatric patients with type 2 diabetes
eMediNexus, 18 June 2019
#Diabetes and Endocrinology #Internal Medicine #Pathology and Lab Medicine #Pediatrics #Pharmacist
The U S Food and Drug Administration approved Victoza liraglutide injection for treatment of pediatric patients 10 years or older with type 2 diabetes Victoza is the first non-insulin ...MORE
1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water - UNICEF, WHO
eMediNexus, 18 June 2019
#Pathology and Lab Medicine #Public Health
Billions of people around the world are continuing to suffer from poor access to water sanitation and hygiene according to a new report by UNICEF and the World Health Organization Some ...MORE