Antioxidant and diuretic activity of co-administration of Capparisspinosa honey and propolis.


eMediNexus    13 November 2017

A recent study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine aimed to determine the antioxidant properties of Capparisspinosa C. spinosa honey and propolis and the effect of combined honey and propolis administration on urine volume and electrolytes in rats. This experiment entailed oral administration of C. spinosa honey 1000 mg kg body weight b.wt propolis 100 mg kg b.wt honey propolis mixture C. spinosa honey 1000 mg kg b.wt propolis extract 100 mg kg b.wt distilled water 1 mL kg b.wt and furosemide 10 mg kg b.wt to five groups of rats for 21 days. The findings revealed that propolis and C. spinosa honey contain polyphenols including flavonoids. Propolis demonstrated higher antioxidant activities than honey. On the other hand honey significantly increased urine volume and urine electrolyte excretion. While propolis had no significant effect on urine volume co administration of propolis and honey caused marked diuresis. Moreover no major changes were observed in plasma electrolytes with the use of honey propolis or their combination. Hence it was concluded that honey and propolis have antioxidant activity and contain polyphenols including flavonoids that are more pronounced in propolis. It was stated that honey has a significant diuretic activity alone or in combination with propolis.

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