eSpiritual: Soul does not depart the body immediately after death


Dr KK Aggarwal    12 November 2017

According to Prashna Upanishad at the time of death the Prana Vayu life force and respiration merges with Udana Vayu brain stem reflexes and leaves the body. But this does not happen immediately after clinical death defined as stoppage of heart and respiration. Medically the term used for clinically dead patients is sudden cardiac arrest. As per the modern medicine in cardiac arrest the brain does not die for the next 10 minutes and during this period if the heart can be revived life can be brought back. The revival of patient during this period can be remembered by the formula of ten which is that within ten minutes of the stoppage of heart cardiac arrest if effective chest compressions are given for the next 10 minutes with a speed of 100 per min 10 x 10 80 of the cardiac arrest victims can be revived. This period can be much longer in hypothermia state. If the temperature of the body is low the soul does not leave the body till the temperature is brought back to normal. Today this property of soul is also used as therapeutic measure where patients who cannot be revived in the first 10 min of clinical death are put in a freezing chamber and artificial hypothermia is produced and these patients can then be transported to an advance cardiac centre where even after 24 hours resuscitation measure can be applied after re warming the body. Many people have been revived even after 24 hours of cardiac arrest with such a technology. There are instances in literature where a newborn with hypothermia was declared dead and got revived in the cremation ground when the heat of the atmosphere brought his temperature to normal and the pressure of the wood worked like cardiac massage. This aspect of life after death is a contribution of the modern science to the Vedic science. Though in Vedic literature it was a well known phenomenon as Savitri brought life back into Satyavan even after his clinical death. The take home message is that one should not declare a patient dead in the first 10 minutes give cardiac massage and try reviving him with chest compression cardio pulmonary resuscitation CPR . Disclaimer The views expressed in this write up are my own .

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