Obesity-Associated Comorbidities Post Bariatric Surgery with Emphasis on Diabetes Remission.


eMediNexus    14 November 2017

The objective of a new study published in Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology Diabetes was to evaluate the impact of Bariatric surgery BS on glycemic control in a heterogeneous group of obese patients. This a retrospective analysis was conducted from baseline to 24 months post bariatric surgery. Follow up data was collected from 215 patients who had undergone either Roux en Y gastric bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy. It was observed that standard parameters of diabetic control showed a U shaped curve with initial improvement after six months but with a gradual worsening after the first year of follow up. Weight loss resulted in dose reduction of oral antidiabetic medication and insulin in 85 and 100 of patients respectively. Additionally a significant improvement in lipid profile one year after surgery was noted in cases with weight loss. Subgroup analysis demonstrated gender and age dependent differences in overall benefit. Hence it was inferred that current data on diabetes remission may be misleading. It was suggested that regular follow up should be provided to prevent gradual worsening of glucose metabolism after BS.

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