eSpiritual: Am I a spiritual seeker?


Dr KK Aggarwal    17 November 2017

Every one cannot be a spiritual seeker. In fact majority is not interested in seeking spiritual knowledge and they keep themselves busy in the worldly desires. To become a good seeker one need to acquire many qualities. In Bhagavad Gita Arjuna in a state of disturbed mind sought guidance from Lord Krishna. In Katha Upanishad Nachiketa as a healthy seeker learned the knowledge of life after death from Yama. Katha Upanishad described in detail the qualities of a seeker in Nachiketa. The story goes as under Vajashrava sage performed a sacrifice in which he was required to give away all his worldly possessions. His son Nachiketa saw that the cows given in the donations were all old. Such charity was not going to give his father any merits. Feeling disturbed by the inappropriateness of his father s observance of the sacrifice Nachiketa asked to whom was he given. The sage ignored him twice but on third asking the irritated sage said in anger Unto Yama I give thee. Whereupon Nachiketa went to the abode of Yama and finding him absent waited there for three days and nights. Yama on his return offered to grant him three wishes. Nachiketa wished the following 1. To be allowed to return to his father alive and that his father not be angry with him 2. To be instructed about fire sacrifice 3. To be given knowledge about life after death Yama granted the first wish immediately. In answer to Nachiketa s second question Yama named performance of a special fire sacrifice after Nachiketa. Before answering the third question Yama tested Nachiketa offering him all sorts of worldly pleasures instead but Nachiketa insists. And then Yama taught him about life after death. The properties of true seeker therefore are 1. Righteousness and truthfulness Nachiketa did not agree with his father as his fathers act was not based on Dharma. 2. Persistence He waited for three days to meet Yama. 3. Compassion and forgiveness The first boon he asked was to have his father forgiven. 4. Intellectual understanding The fire of knowledge means intellectual understanding. 5. Let go off the desires He let go all his desires and did not get attracted to the worldly offers given by the Yama. Only after that he qualified to receive the knowledge of soul and become a true seeker. Disclaimer The views expressed in this write up are my own .

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