Circadian blood pressure patterns and blood pressure control in patients with chronic kidney disease.


eMediNexus    20 November 2017

A new study published in Atherosclerosis evaluated the impact of chronic kidney disease CKD on the attainment of blood pressure BP control and the circadian BP profile in older subjects. This observational study evaluated 547 patients referred to the hypertension clinic of whom 224 40.9 had CKD. The findings showed that the attainment of adequate BP control was similar in subjects with or without CKD. Moreover CKD was not a determinant of adequate BP control. Patients with CKD presented two times higher prevalence of night time peak for systolic BP and episodes of hypotension during daytime independent of BP control. From the results it was concluded that knowledge of the circadian pattern of BP in hypertensive subjects with CKD could be a better indication than attainment of BP target of risky condition for CKD progression and cognitive decline and may thus allow a more personalized antihypertensive treatment.

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