Maternal Dyslipidemia in Pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.


eMediNexus    24 November 2017

A new article published in the Current Vascular Pharmacology reported that dyslipidemia occurs in pregnancy in order to secure fetal development. The mother shows a physiological increase in plasma total cholesterol and triglycerides TG as pregnancy progresses. However in some women pregnancy associated dyslipidemia exceeds this physiological adaptation. The consequences of this condition on the developing fetus include endothelial dysfunction of the feto placental vasculature and development of fetal aortic atherosclerosis. It was stated that gestational diabetes mellitus GDM associates with abnormal function of the feto placental vasculature due to fetal hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia and associates with development of cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Furthermore supra physiological dyslipidemia could be detected in GDM pregnancies. This article elaborated on the results of a literature reviewed which suggested that dyslipidemia in GDM pregnancy should be an additional factor contributing to worsen GDM associated endothelial dysfunction by altering signaling pathways involving nitric oxide bioavailability and neonatal lipoproteins.

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