Straight from the Heart: My years in IMA


Dr KK Aggarwal    26 November 2017

Dear Colleague I served the Indian Medical Association IMA first as the Honorary Secretary General for two years and then took over as its National President on December 28 2016. Dr Ravi Wankhedkar will be taking over from me on December 28 at Mumbai. Dr RN Tandon will continue as Honorary Secretary General for another year. I will continue as Immediate Past President for a year and continue as 1st Vice President of Confederation of Medical Associations of Asia and Oceania CMAAO and will be taking over as President Elect CMAAO in September 2018. For me these three years were like doing a PhD in Public Health and Public Administration. These years have given me a national perspective of health care services. It has also given me an exposure to international working style and the way meetings are organized and conducted internationally. My weakness is to give 100 to any assignment accepted and I have put in my best to fulfil this commitment. In the coming days I will be communicating to you about all that I have learnt during my three years in IMA. These will also form my annual report.

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