Incidence of new-onset benign anal disorders after bariatric surgery.


eMediNexus    25 November 2017

The purpose of a new study published in Clinical Obesity was to investigate the incidence of new onset benign anal disorders NBADs following bariatric surgery. In this retrospective evaluation preoperative characteristics weight loss bowel habits and NBADs data of 196 patients with bariatric surgery were collected by telephone interviews and medical records review. The results revealed that 99 patients had undergone gastric bypass GBP while 97 had a modified biliopancreatic diversion MBPD whereas 59 patients were excluded. The mean follow up of the remaining 137 patients was 87.8 8201 months of which 37.2 developed NBADs. Hemorrhoids were the most common diagnosis and 27.5 of the patients who developed NBADs were treated surgically. On the other hand patients who developed NBADs had a longer follow up time while those with an abnormal bowel habit diarrhea or constipation had a higher percentage of NBADs. Furthermore NBADs were more frequent after MBPD than after GBP. Meanwhile only an abnormal bowel habit was associated with NBADs. It was suggested that as NBADs are a common complication after bariatric surgery further studies should be performed to clarify the etiology of these complications.4 References 4. Cano Valderrama O S nchez Pernaute A Rubio M Talavera P Mart n Antona E Torres A. Incidence of new onset benign anal disorders after bariatric surgery. Clinical Obesity. 2017. doi 10.1111 cob.12228.

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