Ultrathin bioabsorbable polymer DES: New benchmark in the field of DES


Dr Thomas Pilgrim, Switzerland    30 November 2017

Ultrathin strut biodegradable polymer sirolimus eluting stents Orsiro are non inferior to newer generation DES with durable polymers Xience Resolute with regards to composite clinical endpoints. Recent evidence suggests superiority of Orsiro as compared to Xience with regards to target lesion failure at 12 months. Patients treated with Orsiro stents were shown to have a lower rate of definite stent thrombosis as compared to patients treated with Nobori stents. This difference may be related to the thickness of the metallic stent scaffold. An observed benefit in the subgroup of patients with STEMI in patients treated with Orsiro as compared to Xience warrants confirmation in dedicated trials.

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