Remodeling of collagen fibers in the placentas of women with venous insufficiency during pregnancy.


eMediNexus    01 December 2017

A new study published in Histology and Histopathology assessed the remodeling state of the placental villi by examining differences in collagens with a known role in villus structure and in placental barrier permeability between patients with and without venous insufficiency VI . In this study samples of placentas from 24 women with VI and 43 women without VI during their pregnancy were processed for gene and protein expression analysis of stromal collagen COL I COL III matrix metalloproteinase MMP 2 and MMP 9 by reverse transcription PCR RT qPCR and immunohistochemistry. The results detected no differences in COL I expression levels in the samples from women with and without VI. However significant differences were disclosed in both gene and protein expression levels of COL III. It was noted that COL I III ratios were reduced in the VI group compared to controls. Although MMP 2 activity was similar in the two groups MMP 9 levels were markedly elevated in VI with greatest expression differences observed at the level of the decidual cells. Furthermore mothers who developed VI during pregnancy showed significantly higher COL III and MMP 9 levels consistent with a state of remodeling of the placental villi.

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