Dynamics of HPV Viral Loads Reflect the Treatment Effect of Photodynamic Therapy in Genital Warts.


eMediNexus    04 December 2017

A new study published in Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy was based on the hypothesis – human papillomavirus (HPV) genotypes and viral load assays can reflect the status of persistent or latent infection and serve as a predictor of infection clearance. In this study, specimens were obtained from 41 patients with HPV infection, from which the HPV genotypes and viral load were analyzed. Subsequently, all the visible lesions were removed and photodynamic therapy (PDT) and HPV DNA testing were performed. The results showed that HPV viral loads significantly declined after PDT treatment; there were marked differences in HPV viral loads between pre-therapy and after three or six rounds of PDT treatment. Additionally, significant differences were noted between single and multiple type HPV infection after six rounds of PDT treatment. Furthermore, patients with single type HPV infection had considerably higher rates of negative HPV DNA test results, when compared to patients with multiple infections after six rounds of PDT treatment. Whereas, there was no difference in recurrence rates between the two groups. Hence, it was concluded that dynamic monitoring of HPV genotypes and viral loads can be used to guide PDT treatment and to indicate PDT treatment efficacy in eliminating HPV.

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