Age influences the skin reaction pattern to mechanical stress and its repair level.


eMediNexus    04 December 2017

A new study published in Mechanisms of Ageing and Development evaluated the response to mechanical stress in young and aged individuals, their subjective opinion and objective effectiveness of skin care products. This study utilized biophysical skin quality parameters, vis stratum corneum hydration, trans-epidermal water loss, skin pH, pigmentation, and erythema, at baseline, 1, 6, 24 hours, and 7 days at the forearms of two groups of healthy volunteers; 11 of whom were younger than 35 years of age while 13 were above 60 years. The results revealed that the tested groups exhibited age-associated baseline skin functions, as well as casual surface lipid composition and different reaction patterns to mechanical stress. Moreover, skin care was more effective in normalizing skin reaction to stress in the younger group than in the aged group. It was also reported that subjective volunteer opinions correlated with the objective measurements.

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