Straight from the Heart: IMA Grievances Cell


Dr KK Aggarwal    11 December 2017

IMA HQs Mediation, Conciliation & Grievances Redressal Cell (IMA-MCGRC)

·            Total number of complaints Received- 162

·            Total number of complaints referred to State /Local Branches – 88

·            Total number of complaints resolved at IMA HQ - 55

·            Total Number of complaint Pending - 19

IMA Nagpur Mediation, Conciliation & Grievances Redressal Cell

      • Total complaints received so far: 235

      • Complaints disposed of: 233

      • Complaint pending for investigations: 2

      • Mutual agreement reached between complainant and doctor: 176 (74.4%)

      • Left cases where IMA is unaware about what happened to these cases: 41 (17.4%)

      • Cases of negligence referred to MMC/ State Ayush Medical council for action: 18 (8.2%) (unfortunately, except in three cases IMA did not receive any communication or feed-back from respective state medical/ ayush council)

Positive indications

      • Complaints lodged directly to police are now referred to IMA for technical advice.

      • Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra is from Nagpur and has a chief minister’s secretariat at Nagpur. Complaints received are forwarded to IMA Nagpur branch for investigation and technical advice.

      • Of late IMA is also receiving requests from Nagpur District Consumer Redressal Forum, to provide technical opinion on the complaint cases directly received by the forum.

      • During interaction, Dean, Government Medical College has informed that the medical board is constituted by the order of the government. And, therefore, officially representatives of grievance cell of IMA Nagpur branch cannot be invited during official meetings of medical board, whenever, a case of private practitioner comes before the medical board for hearing. However, he assured that, in such a case of private practitioner, he would invite informally, representatives of IMA to discuss with him ahead of the meeting whenever a case against private service provider comes up before the medical board for discussion.

      • IMA Nagpur had discussed this issue with Secretary Medical Education during his visit to Nagpur. He has promised to induct IMA representative with representative of a concerned specialist’s organization, as special invitee for meeting of medical board when a case against a private service provider comes for hearing before the medical board. IMA has already submitted a proposal to Secretary Medical Education in this regard, and hopefully waiting to receive favorable orders in this regard.

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