Straight from the Heart: Working Together


Dr KK Aggarwal    16 December 2017

This year, Indian Medical Association (IMA) initiated partnerships with other stakeholders. Some of these partnerships include:


·         IMA NABH: IMA to be the facilitator for NABH entry level accreditation certification

·         IMA PvPi: IMA as a Nodal centre for IMA pharmacovigilance help line

·         IMA Kent Safe water initiative

·         IMA USV Rise and Shine campaign

·         IMA Johnson and Johnson campaign on restoration fluids and well-baby campaign

·         Hygeia: IMA Air Pollution campaign

·         Dettol: IMA prevention of hospital acquired infections campaign

·         Antriksh: IMA ideal housing complex campaign

·         Dynamed: IMA knowledge update and SMS CME campaign

·         IMA SBI Card for members

·         IMA Insurance (Motor vehicle discount up to 65%)

·         IMA-China Medical Association Initiative

·         IMA with TNAI (IMA Nurse Code of conduct)

·         IMA AHPI: Code of conduct

·         IMA NATHEALTH: Code of conduct

·         IMA MOCA: Certification of IMA Clinic

·         IMA- AIMED MoU for certification of devices

·         IMA-HCFI MoU: HCFI to look after IMA PR and events without financial involvement

·         IMA TPC MoU: Talking point communications to look after IMA nation-wide PR without financial involvement.

·         IMA IJCP MoU: IJCP to provide complementary marketing and designing services to IMA without any financial involvement

·         IMA Lybrate initiative on digital health

·         IMA ground floor part to Ms ARTH on 1st October 2015.

·         A part of IMA premises is given to M/s. AHPI from May 2015

·         The 3rd floor of IMA building is rented out to QCI from August 2016

·         The roof of IMA is given on rent to M/s. Synergy from Feb. 2016

·         IMA ICMR Initiative

·         IMA WHO initiative

·         IMA Global Fund Initiative

·         IMA NCDC Initiative

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