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Nasal cleansing is as important as hand washing
eMediNexus,  08 April 2021
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Respiratory tract infections can enter the body through various routes, of which hands and nose are the most common ones.1,2 Thus, cleaning nose as a part of daily routine is as important as washing hands.3,4 The nasal lining plays a key role in the innate immune system, providing a primary defence against inhaled bacteria, viruses, and other particulates. It has been seen that topical nasal cleaning physically disrupts the viscous surface layer, thereby eliminating mucus and its associated particulate matter. Use of saline for this purpose helps to increase hydration of the deeper aqueous layer, simultaneously improving the underlying ciliary beat frequency and decreasing local inflammatory mediators. This can particularly be beneficial during a viral respiratory infection, which is related to mucociliary dysfunction and mucostasis that occurs secondary to the inflammatory response.5 The investigators thus suggest that keeping the nose clean with a saline solution can increase airflow and reduce the risk of infections.6
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