Link between carotid baroreflex sensitivity, carotid stiffness and exaggerated exercise blood pressure


eMediNexus Editorial    11 January 2018

A study was conducted to identify the associations of carotid baroreflex sensitivity (BRS) and carotid stiffness with exaggerated exercise blood pressure. The findings published in the European Heart Journal revealed that impaired BRS but not carotid stiffness display an independent link with exaggerated exercise BP even among those people who have well controlled resting BP. Figures among candidates with exaggerated exercise BP in contrast to those with non-exaggerated exercise BP were 7.34 ± 1.37 vs. 6.76 ± 1.25 m/s. This is suggestive of a potential pathway from depressed neural baroreflex function to abnormal exercise BP and clinical outcomes.

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