Incremental PD Dose in Clinical Practice: Are Evidences Sufficient?


Dr Tarun Jeloka, Pune    12 January 2018

  1. As has been shown in ADEMEX study, higher clearance or target does not provide additional benefit in terms of survival; there is no point of giving blanket treatment to all.
  2. Patients who have residual renal function may benefit from Incr PD.
  3. As shown in our own study, published in Indian Journal of Nephrology 2013, the median period for icodextrin single nocturnal exchange is about 9.6 months. Patient survival was better and peritonitis rate was lower in Incr PD than conventional PD.
  4. Other studies from across the world have shown that Incr PD has better preservation of residual renal function, better quality-of-life and is more cost-effective.

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