eWellness: Some healthy alterations that one can make:


Dr KK Aggarwal    30 September 2017

• To avoid stress, you should start taking short breaks at regular intervals whenever working at the office or even at home. Eat foods like brown bread for carbohydrates instead of white bread, oranges and lemons for vitamin C and spinach for magnesium. A healthy diet and sufficient sleep help release chemicals like serotonin, which helps to reduce stress • More often than not, people think that smoking helps in reducing stress, which is nothing more but a myth. Excessive smoking aggravates blood pressure, increases heart rate and reduces the supply of the oxygen to the brain. You should immediately quit smoking for a disease free life • Alcohol is one of the most dangerous evils prevailing in our society; it is responsible for a plethora of medical ailments. Alcohol can worsen heart problems and cause cirrhosis of the liver. It triggers obesity and depression. Avoid alcohol. • The majority of lifestyle diseases stem from our irregular and unhealthy eating habits. People who indulge in overeating and consume primarily junk food can develop long-term chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues due to increased cholesterol and obesity. A balanced diet is a key; consume healthy meals, which have the required nutritional meals your body needs to function efficiently. Consuming small but frequent meals, which contain a sufficient quantity of fruits and vegetables, is key. One should reduce the intake of high trans fat, sugar and sodium laden food. • Exercise daily; include a 5-minute brisk walk and a 10-minute stretching in your things to do list whenever you get time. Regularly exercising also helps keep a check on hypertension and obesity.

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