Stress of Competition


Dr Latika Bhalla    20 January 2017

• In the right dose, stress can be healthy or even enjoyable because due to stress you get something good in your life and stress adds flavor, challenge and opportunity to our world (positive stress).• Excessive stress can harm students health, happiness, work performance, relationships and personal development (negative stress).• Stress changes the normal balance and functioning of the immune system. Certain chronic health conditions are linked to stress and may worsen or recur during periods of increased stress (e.g., ulcers, headaches).• Tips on how to manage exam stress: Organize, diet, relax, plan, cross check and positive self talk• Balancing school and social stressors is necessary.• To avoid the undesirable disadvantages of competition stress, students should consider the causes of stress important as it helps them make plans to reduce it.• It is very important to bring about attitudinal change, which may not be possible just by speaking to them often about peace and nontime management as we often do.• We can help children achieve more of their potential by teaching them positive social skills.• Regular counseling and monitoring should be a part of school health education.• Children need to learn effective techniques to remove surrounding stressors. This will help them to prepare them for school with positive ways to handle competition stress.Kill Stress with STRESS: Smile, Time management, Relaxation, Exercise, Social activities, Success

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