Maharashtra Govt. sets up committee to study the feasibility of PPP for new medical colleges


eMediNexus    31 January 2018

The Department of Public Health, Govt. of Maharashtra has issued a resolution dated January 24, 2018 in regard to operationalization of Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode for opening of a new medical college in the State of Maharashtra by long term permissibility of utilization of a 300-bedded District Hospital owned by the Govt. of Maharashtra. This resolution is based on the report of an Expert Committee headed by Dr Vedprakash Mishra, Pro-Chancellor.


The Govt. resolution stated that the government was considering this proposal after studying, among other reports, neighboring Gujarats Memorandum of Understanding with the Adani Education and Research Foundation to start a hospital based on the Union governments amended 2015 rules (PTI, Mumbai, January 27, 2018). 


A committee has been set up by the Maharashtra Govt. will examine the feasibility of setting up 300-bed hospitals and affiliated medical colleges on Public Private Partnership (PPP), and submit its report in three months. The 3-member committee includes the Commissioner (Health Services) as the chair of the committee, Director Health Services as secretary and Director Medical Education and Research as member.

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