Many Faces of Interaction between Diabetes Mellitus and Microbes


Dr Nancy Khardori, USA    31 January 2018

involves role of microbes in causation/initiation of disease, and once initiated-making the patients susceptible to even more serious infection caused by microbes (viruses, bacteria and fungi). A number of viruses have been implicated by epidemiological, and more recently by molecular evidence in being causative agents of diabetes mellitus. The abnormal metabolic state induced subsequently leads to immunological dysfunction at multiple levels starting with defects with the first-line of defense provided by phagocytic cells. Skin, soft tissue and bone infections are a major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes mellitus. Resistance to antibiotics renders them ineffective even in patients without diabetes or immunocompromise. The expectation of newer antibiotics to combat resistance is logical but not realistic.

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