Emerging Biomarkers of Enterprising Challenges to Predict as well as Treat GDM


Dr M Balasubramanyam, Chennai    01 February 2018

alarming health threat to mother as well as offspring. Both GDM and its progression to type 2 diabetes could be potentially prevented by appropriate lifestyle modifications and medical management, but we need to identify the high-risk individuals. As the literature is becoming loaded with ‘several of these biomarkers’, the challenge is to develop, validate and pick-up a robust and reliable single or panel of biomarker. Recent Omics studies (proteomics, epigenetics, metabolomics and metagenomics) also add up novel and early biomarkers for risk prediction of GDM. Placenta is not Pleasant(!) in GDM and identification of cellular stress within the placenta has started to offer a number of placenta-derived biomarkers for GDM prediction. Despite the identification of potential biomarkers, the challenges still remain pertaining to their validation in larger cohorts and to adopting them to universally standardized lab tests, point-of-care platforms and subjecting them to Health Informatics and Clinical Utility.

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