Nutrition Strategies and Recovery Modalities to Enhance Recovery for Basketball Players


eMediNexus    10 December 2022

A recent article published in Sports Medicine reviewed the recovery modalities and nutritional strategies for basketball players and proposed specific practical applications that can be incorporated to enhance their in-season recovery – at various levels of competition.


Sleep, protein, carbohydrate, and fluids are deemed foundational components to cover the in-season requirements of these sportsmen – to promote recovery. However, travel poses additional nutritional challenges and is also likely to render sleep deprivation. Hence, on-the-go snacking and oral fluid replacement should be encouraged.


Planned meals are recommended during air travel. Additionally, a minimum of 8 hours of night-timesleep should be mandated; players participating in consecutive game-schedules may need extra hours ofrest/sleep. Regular sleep monitoring, education, and feedback can be encouraged to modulate sleep quality. 


Further, consistent training times and bedtime and waking cycles could be beneficial. Post-match recovery interventions may incorporate – hydrotherapy, massage, and compression garments. 


Moreover, a holistic, strategic approach that includes nutrition and recovery modalities should be implemented to support basketball players to combat in-season training and competition. Muscle soreness and fatigue – that are common in these sportsmen must be addressed. However, some of the recovery resources may not be available for high-school or small-college athletes. 


Source: Sports Medicine. 2022. 52, 971-993. Doi: 10.1007/s40279-021-01606-7

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