WHO discloses high level of drug resistance in bacteria causing bloodstream infections during the pandemic


eMediNexus    10 December 2022

According to data gathered by the World Health Organization in 2020 from 87 nations, a high level of drug resistance was discovered in bacteria that frequently cause bloodstream infections during the first wave of the Covid-19 virus. 


Usually, bacteria such as Klebsiella pneumonia and Acinetobacter spp. cause fatal infections. WHO studies stated the antibiotic resistance in the bacteria that infects the circulation was greater than 50%.


Superbugs, or germs resistant to drugs, have long been a source of concern, and the abuse or improper use of medical treatments, widespread worldwide, contributes to the development of these so-called superbugs.


The fact that the health industry does not have many alternatives to antibiotics is another factor contributing to the rise of these drug-resistant bacteria. There are a minimal number of replacement therapies being developed.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that antimicrobial resistance is a serious worldwide health problem. The health organization asserts that drug-resistant germs caused roughly 5 million deaths in 2019 alone. Not all bacteria respond to all antibiotics; some can rupture or impair the entire medical procedure if they are only susceptible to one type of medication or treatment. It further said that infections caused by antibiotic resistance that call for the use of second and third-line therapies could harm patients by resulting in major side effects, like organ failure, and delaying treatment and recovery, often for months.


Experts believe that drug-resistant bacteria will continue to be a serious threat to all facets of human health, potentially complicating future pandemics if this area of health research is not addressed.


(Source: https://www.livemint.com/science/health/bloodstream-infection-causing-bacteria-became-drug-resistant-during-covid-who-11670579529357.html)

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