Medix Global and Mpower Collaborate to Improve Mental Health Services in India


eMediNexus    16 December 2022

On Wednesday, Medix, a global health management company, announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Mpower, a key player in the mental health space in India. The company revealed that the partnership was formed to offer integrated and advanced tech solutions for making mental health services more accessible in the country.


The companies claimed that as a part of this strategic partnership, Medix India will bundle Mpower’s mental health services into its various care programs. This move will offer customers and partners associated with Medix, including leading insurers, corporate employers, and other stakeholders, access to Mpower clinics and virtual mental health services.


Also, Medix will provide global expertise in quality assurance, goal-setting strategies, clinical pathways, digital mental and physical assessments, innovative tools for outcomes measurement and analytics, etc. On the other hand, Mpower, as a knowledge and service partner, will bring its expertise in the mental health space, offering various proven mental health solutions and therapies to patients seeking mental health support.


(Source: https://www.financialexpress.com/healthcare/news-healthcare/medix-global-partners-with-mpower-to-enhance-mental-health-services-in-india/2913406/ )

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