New Vaccine Guidelines, and Treatment Protocols Released by Pediatric Body


Payal Gwalani    19 December 2022

On Sunday, Dr. YK Amdekar, a veteran pediatrician, released two new guidelines for the pediatric body. As per the new guidelines, along with the vaccines covered under the universal immunization program framed by the Government of India, the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) has suggested adding five more vaccines to the immunization schedule for children. The additional vaccines added to the guidelines are for typhoid, chicken pox, hepatitis A, influenza, and Japanese encephalitis (JE).


Dr. Amdekar stated that a successful immunization program is critical because vaccine-preventable diseases cause a significant number of infant deaths in India. Several doctors have also pointed out that although diseases like polio have been phased out in India due to vaccines, the resurgence of measles in the pandemic period has led to a disruption in the immunization drive due to the lockdown.


The new treatment protocol is published in "The Purple Book," which will be available to more than 40,000 members of IAP and will also be updated every six months. According to the IAP, one of the major objectives of standardizing the treatment of common childhood illnesses was to ensure the rational and justified use of drugs, especially antibiotics. Not only illnesses, but the guidelines also address the protocols to address conditions like autism, poisoning, drowning, etc.

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